Thursday, October 6, 2016


 Aunt Cheryl came to visit in June
 We made Pizza

 Cute girls
 End of Summer Festival for Orchard

 Marianne had her clogging performance

 Spencer go the coolest Harry Potter birthday present from Darlene
 Cutest baby ever
 Painted the girls room

 The Peonies bloomed
 new rain boots

 these boys checking out the bed
 spencer is learning how to draw.

May 3 months old

Vaughn loves bathtime
Devin got a new Black suit and a a navy blue suit

Kids Carnival at the school
Mothers day by Marianne
Our Wagstaff Timeline

Spencer dressed up for Peter's art project
I planted my herbs

3 month old pictures

Love these Kids

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Vaughn 2-3 months old

 Vaughn at 8 weeks old weighs 12 lbs 6 oz, -65%, 24-26 " ( not sure)
Coos and gurgles and is starting to sleep 6 hours at night! We set up the play mat both Vaughn and Juliette love it!
 Katie anne and Sam grad
 Getting stickers from auntie cheryl
 We got a new game from easter, super fun

 In her new sun glasses, even though its raining!
Crazy hair day from school

 bubble bath with cousins

 Me and Grandpa

 Fuzzy head snickers to poodles

 made homemade Jam
 Went and saw zootopia with Nana

Anne of Green Gables Movie Party 

 Blessing Day for Vaughn April 11th

 Beautiful Blessing outfit from Nan, Spencers Blessing blanket, and Dadd'ys shoes he wore when we was blessed

Took this one on a date, she needed some one on one time. 


Wagstaff Family

Wagstaff Family
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