Friday, January 8, 2016

Summer Moving and Loving

Marianne's last day of preschool with Teacher Pat

Moving day is here
Marianne with her best friend Lena

Mom turned 31! Nana and kids put together a birthday Banner and breakfast

Home coming
Lenas Birthday
Yea summer sprinkler FUn
Core activity Smores in the woods

Hanging out with cousins at Nana's house

Eli's Birthday
Lagoon Day
Sibling Date
Playing Guitar with dad at the new house
4th of July Fun, Bike Parade

4th of July Hair!

Watching the candy bomber
4th of July Parade in Provo
Summer vacation in Park City

Park City Fun

Olympic Museum

Swimmin g
Juliette has a sweet ride
Riding the trolley with Grandma

Magic Show

Date with Devin at the Van Halen Concert
Juliette Gets Potty Trained
Mommy's New Mud Room Shelf or the "Gang Kong"
24th of July Pioneer day

Katie-Anne's Surprise party

Bryn and Cambria come to visit at the Lake House

Saying Goodbye

Daddy's birthday present- New BBQ
Sleeping on the tramp summer tradition- Devin, Marianne and Spencer are in that pile!
at the springville reservoir

Summer Swinging
Devin's Birthday
Playing with Presley

Wagstaff Family

Wagstaff Family
Work Hard, Play Hard, Pray Hard