Sunday, May 19, 2013

We arrived April 10 to St. Helena Califonia and spent 10 days with Devin's parents!

 Here we are riding scooters with Nana
 AT the park

 hello Marianne
 Hello Spencer
 Yummy Spencer
 at KFC with Grandpa
 Here is Grandpa's Birthday Cake! It looks like the cake is on fire!
 We had a blast going to the Jelly Belly Factory

 Nana with her little Jelly Bean
 Daddy and Jules laughing!
 Oooh I love this little face

 at the Petrified Forest! Seeeing the Trees turn into rocks, Millions of years old.

 I spy with my little eyes something. . . .

Love this picture. Juliette looks like she needs help, Marianne is being dramatic, and Spencer is off in his own world. . . .

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