Thursday, March 20, 2014

Valentine's and Marianne's Birthday

Here is Marianne Dressed up for Chinese New Year

 We went to a Mascarade ball for Valentine's Day at the Murry ARts Center

 For Dinenr we had Heart Shaped Pizza, red Juice, Red Jello and It it all by Candelight
 katie-Anne and Sam came dancing with us

 Along with the Tagarts and the Birks
 Marianne had a Super Hero Birthday Party
 Katie is over the Shield Making table.

 Here are the Super hero's waiting to go up the scary staircase

 The Super Climbing stairs
 Then the obstacle course int eh Family Room

 Waiting her turn .
 Getting ready for the Pinata
 The villain room each Balloon had a bad guy face on them and the kids had to go and know them all.

 Then we had cake and snacks

 Kylie a girl at Devin's work made a birthday cake for her, it was Amazing!
 Birthday gifts

 Peter drew Super girl for Spencer
 Marianne got a Bike for her Birthday it has a bell and A BASKET.

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