Sunday, July 14, 2013

Birthdays! Spencer 5! Naomi 29!

Spencer wanted a Cheetah Birthday party, which was harder than it sounded to put together. .. 
 But we figured it out with this Awesome Safari Cake complete with cheetah (We called and went to 5 different stores to find one, target, Shopko, Walmart, Toysrus, and Micheals) crazy
 I wore my cheetah hat
 Kep wore Grandpa's Safari Hat
 They climbed the "Cheetah Tree"
 Grandpa took them on a Safari Trip to find the Dinosoar pinata

 Then my party, I got some pretty flowers
 and I wentout to dinner with Kallista and Michelle,- Love!
 And this Opera singer sang to me in Italian

 My friend Aubrey made me a amazing brownie cake
 Peter came over!
Daddy and Juliette time!

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