Friday, July 12, 2013

Memorial Day!

For Memorial Day we went up with 2 other families some of our best friends the Taggarts and the Birks to a cabin. SOOOO Fun! The adults got to have a big game night while the kids slept!
 Tallie and Marianne are two peas in a pod! Goofy, and silly and moody and happy all at the same time!

 Here is Spence sleeping while the kids destroy the house
 Next day we took a little hike, heres us girls!

 We also went and saw Grandpa Wagstaff Grave with Grandma Carolyn
 Marianne and Grandma Orange
 SPencer got to go pick out his birthday present a new bike!
 The beauty of the Lake House

New hair do for miss Anne

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Wagstaff Family
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