Saturday, September 28, 2013

Kids Quotes

Kids Say the Funnies Things!

Mom, You care about me right? Yep I sure do, yea you care about me.... Mom, you're not an ugly witch, you care about me.  (Marianne)
- Marianne 

Daddy my favorite grown up is mommy, Devin says my favorite grown up is mommy too :)- Marianne

Oh please what a silly name for road hot springs. Well honey do you know what a hot springs is, yea! It is hot water that bubbles under the ground and springs up!- yep I guess you do know- Spencer

Can you and mommy and Spencer and Juliette get a dog and I can get a baby elephant? --Marianne

I bet she doesn't even know what to wear- Spencer looking at someone with a purple shirt on the 4th of July- Spencer

Nana I am a soccer team!- Marianne

Chaste benevolent - chased by an elephant- Spencer and Marianne

When I am a daddy and your Marianne I can sit on your lap- Marianne

Spencer runs over in McDonald's and picks up grandpa coke instead of Devin's strawberry lemonade by accident and takes a sip at the same time that Devin says no wait that is grandpa, he spits it out all over the table and says oh sorry mom- cute boy

Wow Katie your hair is so long it is all the way down your back it is almost to your pelvis .- Spencer

If you work hard you can make your dreams come true- Mom: " I can't make my dreams come true, I want to be a super heroe!"
Oh..."- Spencer

She always has things to say she does not have enough time to say them during the day so she has to say them at night chitter chatter box- Marianne

Driving to Idaho and we are 30 min from home and Spencer says "Hey we are almost there. I know that because when I see the big sprinklers I know we are in Idaho!"

Marianne comes into Darlene's house and tells her "Auntie Dar-Dar I'm a superhero. " Darlene says "Oh really Marianne, what superhero are you?" "I am Elephant-Boy!" "Oh what do you do?" "I stomp on things and am really strong."

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