Sunday, November 3, 2013

Birthday Girls

 Erin and Maddeline made the perfect Rootbeer Float Cupcake for Darlene's Birthday! It was amazing

 Look what two cousins turned 1! Juliette and Moana

 Matching Dresses
 Big Girl

 Cupcake tiem

 off with the dressess, now let the fun begin

 Yep she likes it!

 Pumpkin carving
 Marianne and Grandpa
 Devin and Spencer

 Katie-Anne and Sam

 disgusting :)
 Cool Pumpkin
 Cute kids together
 Seeing Nana and Grandpa
 Marianne and Mommy making Strawberry freezer Jam
At Gardener Village seeing the Witches

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Wagstaff Family
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