Sunday, March 31, 2013

Jesus has arrived

Our Darling Marianne today has learned alot about Jesus today, so our little Method Actress decided to be Jesus today... Pretty much all day, nursery, dinner,...bed....

Hello Marianne,
I'm not Marianne, I'm Jesus. . .. 
Ok ...
And this (sit and scoot toy) is my donkey.. 
Would you like a drink of Water
Huh. . . sigh. . . In Jerusalem we don't drink water very much.. 
Oh really what do you drink?
Um mostly just juice. 
 Here I am Jesus has arrived (scooting in on her donkey)...Hey Mom, You can be Mary...

Of Course Jesus wasn't so Reverent during the Prayer or Easter Message
Jesus Fold your amrs, Jesus always prayed
No! Jesus doesn't pray! (screaming)

Devin was telling the story of Easter, and instead of saying "then Jesus did. . . " He had to state "then You (meaning Marianne pretending to be Jesus) did. . ."

Spencer came running into the dining room tonight and announced that he had Shared the Gospel! Awesome so happy.

"Yep I told Cambell, she can't swim on Sundays."- Right on Bud.
 The Easter Bunny came

 Sorting out the loot
 In my Easter Bonnet, with all my frills upon it, I'll be the grandest Lady in the Easter Parade
We got a bit tired towards the end of Easter. . .  Time for Bed. 

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