Monday, March 11, 2013

Kids Quotes

We were talking one day about being sick and I brought up this conversation with Spencer.. .
"Did you know that Grandpa is a doctor?" - Na
"He is"- Spencer
"Yes a really good one, He is even an specialist, an expert"- Na
"What is an expert?"- Spencer
"That means your really good at something"- Na
"Oh Grandpa is an expert Fort Builder"
"Yep he sure is :)"

I looked over at Devin and Marianne and this is what I heard. . .

". . . And girls just talk"-M
"Oh is that right :) I didn't know that about girls"- Daddy
"Yea girls just talk and talk and talk and talk"- M
"Oh what do boys do"-Daddy
"They Fight"
"You know what dad's do? They work and when movies come on they watch them"-M

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