Sunday, March 17, 2013

Moving Back

A while back Devin looked into a company called White Hall Ventures that our Friend Spencer Taggart was running and wanted him to be apart of, we thought it sounded really interesting  But probably not the right time for what we were doing. Since we had a full life here in Singapore.

However Devin talked to Spencer recently and Spencer mentioned that 2 of their main guys were leaving and they were looking for someone and would really like to make Devin an offer. They made Devin an offer in 2 days and we fasted and prayed about it and felt like it was the right opportunity professionally and for our family.

Devin is so excited for a new job working as a Manager with White Hall Ventures and working with one of his best friends. 

So we are moving back April 10th and start work in Salt Lake City on May 1st! Sad Sad Sad to be leaving Singapore, but very excited for a new job and adventure in Utah!

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  1. Yay! So excited that you guys are moving back to SLC. Congrats on the new job Dev!


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